Kobe Bryant And Warriors Claims Made About Lakers star After Magic Loss

Greg Anthony believes that LeBron James plays a completely different basketball when compared to Kobe Bryant, suggesting that his style is more similar to the Golden State Warriors.

According to Anthony, LeBron is not Bryant, and he is not the only player to be blamed for the Lakers’ loss to the Orlando Magic.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the matchup to the Orlando Magic 108-104. The team could not handle Luke Vucevic and his 31 points, 15 rebounds, seven assists, two steals and three blocks. But, LeBron was the only player to be criticized for the two wasted late possessions.

“This isn’t why they lost the game. The thing about the play they made too, this is a bigger picture play. He’s got to gain all those guys’ trust, he’s showing them, ‘Look, I’m coming to you in big moments,’” Anthony said.

“I used to say this about Gregg Popovich, I used to say this about Phil Jackson – you’ve got to use the regular season to prepare for the post-season. It’s not like we haven’t seen in 16 years LeBron make plays to win games by scoring. But we’ve also seen him make plays by making his teammates better. We also know LeBron James is good enough to win a world championship. What we’re trying to find out, as are the Lakers, is who else on the roster is good enough to compete for championships? Those are the reasons why you make plays.”

“He made the comment, ‘Yeah, I can always make a good shot but KCP had a great shot.’ In basketball the ball is supposed to find the open man. That’s why the Golden State Warriors are so great. That’s why the Spurs had all those championship teams. You’ve got to make the right play. He’s not Kobe, he’s not going to take the tough hard shot and hit it. He probably could, but his mindset is more of a point guard to begin with,” Anthony said.

The Lakers are taking on the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday.

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