LeBron James CONFUSED At Lakers As NBA Season Takes New Twist

Will anyone tell LeBron James more about his role in the Los Angeles Lakers? It seems like the king is sort of confused.

LeBron James scored 38 points during the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Indiana Pacers. However, the king of basketball came on from the bench late on and drive the Lakers toward a big win when it was more than clear that they are struggling on the court.

King James also spoke on the matter, and talked about his uncertainty over his role.

“That’s the challenge of things I’ve been kind of battling with since the season started. How much do I defer and allow some of our young guys to kind of try to figure it out? how much do I try to take over games?” he said.

The Indiana Pacers had a really good game and needed just four points to beat the Lakers before LeBron jumped in the game.

“I think tonight was one of those instances where they looked at me and they wanted me to close the game,” he said.
LeBron scored 12 points in the final seven minutes of game to push the team over the line and extend their record to 12-9.

LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers had a bad start to the season, and lost the first three games. The team added a few new players to the roster hoping to have a better season. Lance Stephenson and Rajon Rondo were great options for LeBron, and Tyson Chandler was the last to come.

The team needed some time to build the chemistry on the court, and some of the young talents had hard time playing alongside King James. However, Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson said they are trying to rest LeBron for the next seasons. But, the Lakers are actually doing really well this season.

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