LeBron James Releases Bold Statement About JaVale McGee’s Play

The Los Angeles Lakers did not have the best start of the regular season, and they are still trying to improve their game. Every NBA expert agrees that JaVale McGee is having the best start of his professional career.

LeBron James praised his teammate, and he even said that JaVale McGee has great chances of becoming the Defensive Player of the Year.

Well, yes, it is still early to project anything related to the MVP, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year or any award. However, LeBron made a really good point about JaVale. His strong defense is brilliant, and the center is now leading the NBA with 3.3 blocks per contest. His rim protection is a huge boost for the Los Angeles Lakers as they really struggled to get stops.

The Lakers biggest defensive liability is place in the frontcourt on the second unit. McGee has great minutes, but Lakers head coach Luke Walton has to be careful not to push him too hard at this point of the season. Until he finds a fitting second unit center and until the Lakers defense improves, no one on the squad will win an award in near future.

The overall Lakers defense was weak despite McGee and his awesome play. LeBron did a good job by highlighting McGee’s nice defensive play, but the overall defense does not really fuel fans’ hope.

The Lakers will have to work really hard to improve their game. That’s the only way to become contenders. They have won just three games in the regular season, and that’s not the best they can do. Luke Walton and Magic Johnson do hope to see the guys winning more games this season. They have enough time to improve and fix any mistake they have made so far. Go, Lakers!

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