Look: LeBron Trolls Lakers Teammate While Ohio State Dominated Michigan

LeBron James left Cleveland this summer to join the Los Angeles Lakers, but Ohio will always be his home. The king of basketball supports Ohio sports teams, and does not think twice before expresing his loyalty. Well, if by any chance you did not know it, LeBron was born and raised in Ohio, and it is more than certain that he roots for the state.

It is even more certain that he was proud of Ohio State’s win over Michigan. The 62-39 win was more than great, and LeBron celebrated it in the best way possible. He trolled his Lakers teammate Moe Wagner.

If you do not understand LeBron’s tweet, just type the letter “M” and you will get the point. Now you know why LeBron refused to type this particular letter.

LeBron has so much to brag about, including Ohio State’s win over Michigan in seven games. That’s not something you ignore.

Things go really well for the king, and he is living his best life at the moment. Signing a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers was a decision fit for the kind, and LeBron did it. His fans cheered to this decisions, including those born in Cleveland. LeBron left the team, but he also helped them win a championship. That’s why nobody is angry at him.

The Lakers are sailing slowly throughout the season. They lost some of their games, but Tyson Chandler, LeBron James, JaVale McGee, Lonzo Ball and the rest of the guys are here to help the team win even more games.

The team needed more time to work on their chemistry, and they have finally made it. Sort of. Let’s see how will LeBron and his teammates handle the pressure of the next few games. Exciting, right? Well, impossible is nothing when it comes to playing in the NBA.

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