Luke Walton on Hot Seat After Contentious Meeting With Magic Johnson

The Los Angeles Lakers were not really worried about the regular season as they had LeBron James on board. However, they have a few good reasons to be worried now, and LeBron is not the one who lost the patience. Magic Johnson had a meeting with head coach Luke Walton. What was the goal of this meeting? Discussing the slow start of the season.

Luke Walton did not think of such start, but here we are today, the Lakers are at 3-5. The Lakers front office is a bit worried, and they have every right to feel that way.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported on the meeting, adding that Magic Johnson scolded Walton for the slow start to the season. That’s not all. Walton was also told that his job security depends on the “ability to significantly improve.”

“In a meeting on Tuesday following a winless two-game trip, Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson admonished coach Luke Walton for the team’s sluggish start to the season, league sources told ESPN,” Wojnarowski wrote.

“Johnson’s aggressive meeting tone circulated to individuals throughout the organization, including to principal owner Jeanie Buss, league sources said. Throughout his tenure with the Lakers, Johnson has earned an internal reputation for an often-time volatile management style, including with his handling of Walton and the coaching staff, sources said,” he added.

LeBron is not the one we should be worried about. Walton better press the guys a bit. Well, it is not like the team will fire him right away. But, he really needs to work on that.

Many thought that Magic Johnson would fire Walton, but he decided to keep him. Walton had great success with the Warriors, and even managed to coach the bad Lakers team last season. So, why not try harder this time? The only thing he can lose for not trying is his job.

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