Luke Walton Releases Groundbreaking Statement About LeBron James’ Play

The Los Angeles Lakers struggled with several problems prior to signing LeBron James. They did not have a go-to option down the stretch, and kept playing close game after close game. Last season was their worst, and LeBron James happened. Head coach Luke Walton talked about LeBron’s addition, adding that having the king as a go-to option helped the Lakers a lot.

“He is one of the best closers our game has ever seen, so having him on the court, we knew if we could put together some stops, that was going to be the key,” Walton said.

The Lakers did not need LeBron to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he is the scorer and player that helped the team win all the other games.

Learning to play alongside LeBron James is quite a challenge, but even the king has to learn how to cope with his younger teammates. We are 17 games in the regular season, and Walton believes that his guys are now building chemistry on the court. That’s the chemistry they tried to find for so long.

“We’re getting to know how to play with one another, and strengths and weaknesses is starting to happen, the bond of being a team — all these different things have to take place this season. And now we’re 16 games in, it’s happening. And I can see it happening,” the head coach said.

The Lakers will keep trying to find a balance between LeBron James and his teammates. The players will also have to learn how to play without the ball. This is the topic that will probably fill headlines in the last few months, but the Lakers are definitely making progress now. Let’s just hope that they will keep doing that in the next games. Win a few more games maybe?

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