Patriots Game Ball Handed Out After Win Vs. Jets

Week 12 was rather exciting for almost every team in the NFL. We witnessed record-breaking plays, comeback rallies and a few games to bring joy to fans on Thanksgiving Day.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady passed Payton Manning in in career passing yards. The Seahawks rallied against the Panthers and won their game on the road. The Cowboys defeated the Redskins 31-23 and earned a top spot in the NFL East.

Experts joined forces to pick the best player in each squad for the week.

“While the the story heading into Sunday’s contest with the Jets was the return of Rob Gronkowski, it was the reemergence of Sony Michel that ended up being the biggest factor for New England as they were able to move to 8-3 on the season. Michel looked like his old self and was able to rush for 133 yards on 6.3 yards per carry and a touchdown. He also was able to tack on a couple of catches to his day where he was really able to set the tone on offense and help New England control the clock to victory,” said Tyler Sullivan of Sony Michel.

Patriots fans were concerned about Sony Michel and his physical condition, but he was great on the field. Michel missed a few games in the season, but managed to come back right on time. He was of great help for the team, and contributed to the game.

Sunday Night Football games are something you do not miss at this point in the season, especially when it comes to watching teams that struggle for a higher position. The Patriots are doing great so far, but they still try to forget their loss to the Tennessee Titans. Well, great teams almost always lose games against weaker opponents. We keep our thumbs up for their next game.

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