Report: Tom Brady’s Status For Game Vs. Jets Revealed

Many say that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is made of steel, but even the best player is injured once in a while.

Tom Brady appeared on the injury report for the first time this season on Wednesday. However he is expected to play in Sunday’s game against the New York Jets. The quarterback’s injury is not serious, and fans are not concerned about his presence on gameday.

Brady was injured at the moment he tried to catch a pass from receiver Julian Edelman in the fourth quarter of the Patriots loss to the Tennessee Titans. The quarterback did not play another snap in the game, and the Patriots lost the game 34-10. Brady’s injury affected the development of the game, but the team cannot change that.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick answered questions about the risks related to Brady’s plays as a receiver and blocker.

“I mean, I think if we throw a pass to him, if that happens once a year it’s a lot. We’ll take a look at each of our opponents and see what we end up doing from a game plan standpoint. But, yeah, I think we’re certainly aware of that, but there’s certain things that I think you have to do sometimes to win the game – and if quarterback sneaks in short-yardage, something like that where the quarterback’s going to get hit on a play like that, but it’s an important play and he’s very good at it. So, yeah, we’ll just have to evaluate those things going forward,” Belichick said.

Well, we believe that Brady will not try to catch another pass this season. Maybe he will retire. Who knows… Although he promised to play until 45, we cannot really tell if he will stick around for that long. Let’s wait and see what happens at the end of the season.

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