Skip Bayless Makes Huge ‘Promise’ Regarding Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers

The New England Patriots are 8-3 in the season after their win over the New York Jets. The Green Bay Packers are now 4-6-1 after the loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Yes, the discussion about the dominance of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers is still on, and Skip Bayless has something else to say.

The Patriots and Packers are headed in different directions, but Bayless believes that the Packers will not be that bad if Tom Brady is leading their offense.

He’s just all over the map in the pocket. He’s throwing off the front foot, throwing off the back foot, throwing falling forward. He’s just all over the place. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,” Bayless said of Rodgers.

He also said that the Packers have chance to get into the post-season. However, Bayless does admit that New England is in a more favorable position thanks to Brady.

“I will say this, they have the easiest closing schedule in the NFL. They’ve got Arizona and Atlanta at home, they do have to go to Chicago which will be tough because they’re arch rivals, but they could win it against that team. If you put Tom Brady on the Packers team, I guarantee you they wouldn’t be 4-6-1. They’re in position to win the number one seed, but that’s because of Tom Brady.”

Rodgers is not playing his best season. He was able to complete 17 of his 28 passes for 198 yards and a touchdown on Sunday night. However, his play is not the biggest concern for the Packers. That’s why Bayless made a bold statement regarding Brady’s lead.

When it comes to statistics, Rodgers has better numbers than Brady. The Patriots defense played really good at times, and head coach Bill Belichick is out of this world. He is a much better coach than Mike McCarthy, so you get the point, right?

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