Todd Bowles Explanation For Loss To Patriots Is Puzzling

The New York Jets do not have their best season, and they lost their Week 12 game to the New England Patriots. This was their fifth in a row loss, and head coach Todd Bowles was at the center of the 27-13 loss.

NFL experts still question the in-game strategies Todd Bowles uses on the field. The head coach is unable to make in-game adjustments, and his teams have often been blamed for being unprepared. Bowles made another mistake on Sunday.

The head coach literally sabotaged his team when he accepted the offensive pass interference penalty against New England on third and two. If Bowles declined the penalty, New England would have received a fourth down.

But, Bowles did not do that. He accepted the penalty, and the Patriots had a new shot with a third and 12. Quarterback Tom Brady hit tight end Rob Gronkowski for a 34-yard touchdown.

When asked about this penalty after the game, the head coach said, “Third-and-12 are better odds than fourth-and-two and we knew they were going to go for it because they typically do on fourth-and-two. We had a better chance at third-and-12.”

“No, third-and-12 were good odds for us. We’ve been pretty good at third-and-12. We knew they would have gone for it on fourth-and-two. We figured if we backed them up we had a chance (for them) to kick a field goal and it didn’t work out,” he said of the play.

It is funny how Bowles does not even admit he makes mistake more than he should be doing.

When reporters asked him about the Jets and their execution, he had nothing but words of praise.

“Well, we’re going to fight every week. We fought the Buffalo game. We just didn’t play smart. We fought this game and we didn’t execute in the second half, so we’ve got to go back to the drawing board and we’ve got to finish the ball game,” Bowles said.

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