Tom Brady Emotionally Opens Up About Loving ‘Hamilton’, Has Dreams Of Acting

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has one of the greatest professional football careers of all times. The quarterback has so many awards on his address, and he is playing his best football. But, it seems like our favorite quarterback has a mysterious passion for Broadway. Yes, Tom Brady would love to add “Broadway Star” to his résumé. Brady closed out his Wednesday news by expressing his opinion for “Hamilton,” the musical that he and his wife Gisele saw for the third time in Boston.

“Oh, I love ‘Hamilton.’ It’s my third time seeing it. Yeah, it’s a great show. Anyone who’s here should go see it. It was great in New York. It was actually really good (Tuesday) night. I loved it,” the quarterback said.

Brady did not sign a tune from “Hamilton” for the media reporters, but he told them that he would really enjoy to be a cast member of the musical one day. “I did tell my wife, one day I would love to just be on that show for, I don’t know, a week. But I would need a lot of practice.”

When it comes to acting credits, we would probably add “Ted 2” and “Entourage.” But, his Patriots teammate Matthew Slater has something else to say. “He might have the rap skills. but I think it’s going to be the dancing that keeps him ultimately from being cast in that role,” Slater said.

Can you imagine Brady in a musical? That would be more than awesome. We cannot really tell if he is talented, but he can do whatever he wants. Maybe he will try his chances in the world of acting right after retiring. Who knows, maybe he will become a Broadway star.

The Patriots are recovering from their loss to the Tennessee Titans, and are ready for their Week 12.

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