Tom Brady Opens Up About The Production With Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon had a great start with the New England Patriots, and quarterback Tom Brady is more than impressed with him.

If you ask Brady, he will say that he really likes what he has seen from his teammate. Josh Gordon is sure happy about the words of praise he got on his address.

“I think he’s done really everything the coaches have asked him to do. Here early, stays late, always getting extra reps at practice, takes as many reps as he can, and it’s been fun to see. So he’s obviously done a great job for us. I think all the receivers are doing a great job in their role, and we’re just going to try to get better as we go,” Brady said.

The quarterback is amazed with his new teammate, and yes, there is no other player like him.

“I think just size and height, weight, speed. I think there’s a mismatch — it’s level with any DB that he’s up against. We have a lot of confidence in him, what he’s been able to do. I think, overall, like our confidence in our offense and production is getting better the more we work together. It’s only been a certain amount of weeks since we’ve all been out there together, and hopefully once everyone’s back healthy, ready to go, it could be something that we’re really proud of as we work toward getting better,” Brady said.

The addition of Josh Gordon was one of the greatest moves the Patriots have made, and we can feel his presence on the field in every game he plays in. Gordon may be a troubled player, but he is doing an excellent job in NBradyew England. Head coach Bill Belichick is happy to see that he was right this whole time. Gordon is excellent.


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