Tom Brady Shreds Passer Rating Vs. Blitz With Epic Reaction To Surprising Last-Place

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is not as great as he used to be when it comes to exploiting aggressive defenses. In the regular season, the quarterback is ranked last in the NFL in passer rating, as confirmed by ESPN’s “NFL Matchup.”

When asked about the surprising stat during Wednesday’s news conference, Brady had the perfect response. This passer rating is “killing him,” but he knows how to deal with it.

“Well, any time you’re last in the league in anything, that’s probably not very good. I haven’t studied that as much. I think if they blitz, it gives us great opportunities to make plays, and if we’re not doing that, then we’ve got to figure out how to do it. I think if you rush three or four or five, there’s going to be opportunities really in any case. It’s just what you do with the opportunities. So hopefully we can figure that out, get out of the basement and move our way up,” he said.

Brady had his worst game of the season last Sunday. He completed 51.2 percent of his passes, and averaged 6.2 yards per attempt in the terrible 34-10 loss to the Titans. Tennessee’s defensive coordinator Dean Pees chose a nice method to pressure Brady, and he was sacked three times and hit six times.

“Whether there is or isn’t pressure, the overall passing game has to execute on time and in a smooth fashion. And that includes everyone. It’s the protection. It’s the receivers. It’s the distribution of the routes. It’s the quarterback. It’s the play and the coverage that we get it against. All those things are related,” head coach Bill Belichick said of Brady’s struggle against the blitz.

Let’s hope that this will change. Brady is better than that, and it was probably just a bad game.

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