Watch: LeBron Discusses The Possibility That Melo Joins The Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers loss the game to the Orlando Magic, and reporters asked LeBron James an interesting question. The king of basketball was asked if there is any chance that the Lakers sign Carmelo Anthony. Melo is LeBron’s long-time friend, and he is ready to leave the Rockets.

“I have no idea to be honest. That’s not a question to ask me. Right now we have 15 roster spots right? We don’t even have a roster spot open right now. But that’s not a question for myself,” LeBron said of the addition of Melo.

LeBron and Melo became friends in 2003. They entered the ’03 NBA Draft. LeBron inked a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Carmelo joined the Dener Nuggets.

Carmelo also played in New York, Oklahoma City and Houston. But, he did not have much luck in any of these stops.
If you ask Carmelo’s former Nuggets teammate Allen Iverson, he will say a few good words about Melo.

“No way Melo should retire. I definitely think he should keep going. He got a lot left in the tank, man. It’s just got to be the right situation … He’s going to find his way to adapt to the game and the best spot. I believe in him, and I know he’s strong enough. He has a strong foundation behind him as far as his family and friends. I really think he’ll be alright. I’m in Melo’s corner all the way,” Iverson said.

LeBron is one of the very few players who could get something out of Carmelo at this stage. Are the Lakers even intereted in adding another talented veteran to the team? We do not have any information about that, but it would be interesting to see Melo and LeBron on the same team again. That would be more than awesome.

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