Watch: LeBron James With Breakaway Gorgeous Dunk

LeBron James is the dunk master, and he proved that in his most recent game.

The King of basketball played really well with the Miami Heat for four years. Now he is part of the Lakers family, and is playing his best basketball. In the first quarter of the game, Lonzo Ball relayed the ball ahead off an attempted inbounds pass by his opponents, and LeBron rocked the rim with his slam dunk.

The Lakers got a 4-0 lead in the very first minute of the game. LeBron came into this game as dialed in as possible. He has 9 points on 4-of-5 shooting, and also knocked a deep three from the wing. Even the Golden State Warriors would be proud of that.

LeBron is having a really good game this season, and maybe it is the best of his entire season. He averages 27.3 points, 7.7 rebounds and 7.2 assists while shooting 36.4 points from beyond the arc.

The Lakers lost the game to the Orlando Magic on Saturday. King James scored 22 points in that game, and connected on eight of those 19 field goal attempts in the game. Lonzo did not score a point in the loss and missed all five of his shots.

The Lakers led the Miami Heat 18-15 in the opening quarter at American Airlines Arena. How will the game end? Well, the Lakers will have a lot to celebrate if LeBron keeps playing like this. That’s why he came to Los Angeles. He knows how to play the ball, and Magic Johnson needed that to save the team from despair.

The Lakers were not really good after Kobe Bryant retired, and LeBron has the chance to do something for the team. He is playing with young players and veterans, and that was the only issue at the beginning of the season.

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