Watch: Sony Michel Gingerly Walks Off Field After Scary Hit

Sony Michel was smashed by a few New York Jets defenders during a short yard run in the opening quarter of the second half.

The teams had nine minutes to play in the third quarter of the game, and Sony Michel accepted a 3rd & 1 handoff from quarterback Tom Brady up the middle. Michel was bent around and was hit in the head. The rookie running back was lying on the field for some time, and got up. However, everyone was concerned about his condition, as Michel walked towards the sideline. Once he got to the sideline, Patriots trainers checked the running back, and paid special attention to his lower back. Michel was not sent to the blue medical tent, and fans saw this as a positive sign for his return to the field.

Experts checked the play that knocked Michel off the field for the Patriots’ drive and had him bent in a really, really awkward way.

The running back missed three contests throughout the season due to his knee condition. However, he was of great contribution for the Patriots’ offense when he returned to the field. The teams are deep in the game, and Michel was able to rush for 92 yards on 5.8 yards per carry while managing to haul in a couple of targets for 12 yards as the New England Patriots are playing tight with the New York Jets in the Week 12 contest.

This turns out to be a rather exciting contest, as New England is neck-and-neck with the Jets in their Week 12 contest. They had tight end Rob Gronkowski return to the field, and he has already hammered a touchdown. How will this game end for the teams? The Patriots look rested and relaxed, but they will need to put an extra effort to win the game.

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