Watch: Tom Brady Arrives To Foxboro Before SNF Showdown

Patriots quarterback arrived in Foxboro and is definitely ready for the big game.

The quarterback came to Foxboro to win, and this will be his chance to show everybody that he is the GOAT. He arrived at 4:20 p.m. ET which is about four hours before New England challenges the Green Bay Packers. Reporters caught Brady in the hallways of Gillette Stadium with his big winter jacket and a knit hat.

The primetime contest is focused on Brady and Rodgers. They are considered the best quarterbacks of the generation.

The Patriots quarterback has realistic expectations for the game.

“I’m excited for the game. There’s high stakes for both teams. I don’t want to make it anything more than it is. This isn’t the Super Bowl. This isn’t a playoff game. If you lose, the season isn’t over, but all these games are important. We’re going against a team that [has] very little margin of error, against a quarterback who can come back and score points in seconds, so I’m excited to try to play our best against a great team,” Brady said.

Rodgers called Brady a unicorn for being able to perform at high level at 41.

“Well, the first was pocket movement. Just watching him in 2007 especially, his smooth nature in the pocket and he’s able to make subtle movements and he has his entire career to create space through a throwing lane or a throwing platform. And that’s one thing – not looking at the rush and being able to find that soft spot in the pocket is something he’s just been incredible at. It’s an innate sense but something you can really work on as well. That’s one thing I definitely took from him, and just like Favre, Tom’s always been great with his eyes – being able to manipulate defenders and move them out of zones that he wants to throw into and move safeties to be able to get to spots down the seams. Him and Brett are the best two I’ve seen on film,” Rodgers said.

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