Watch: Tyson Chandler Talks About Meshing With Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers added veteran center Tyson Chandler, and it is one of the best decisions they made in the regular season. Chandler was of great importance for the team, and even got a game-securing block on Trae Young in the final seconds of the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks on Sunday.

Chandler talked to media members about his ability to mesh with the team. “The group did an excellent job of welcoming me in. And playing with other vets, LeBron, Rondo, JaVale… When you play with veteran guys that understand how to play, and even the young players around here have high basketball IQ’s, it makes it really easy,” the veteran center said.

LeBron James is impressed with his new teammate, and he had words of praise for Chandler. “He’s huge. We had a spot that needed some reassurance, and for us to be able to get Tyson in the fashion that we got him and to be able to implement him in right away, and the impact that he’s made in these three games is great,” LeBron said.

Chandler appreciates his moments out on the floor, and sure enjoys playing with the Lakers. He is 36, and he is definitely playing his best basketball.

“I still get excited by every single win, especially this team is a group of incredible guys, a mixture of veterans that I’ve competed against my entire career and then young guys that I’m growing to appreciate. It’s just every single moment out there that we get an opportunity to grow, I know what it’s going to take for the end of the year. So again, just trying to cherish every one of those moments and trying to grow at the same time,” Chandler said.

Let’s see how will he play in the next game.

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