Watch: Proud Dad LeBron Emotionally Opens Up About His Sons Rocking No. 23 Jerseys

LeBron James Jr. appeared in his debut game as an eight grader at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California. It was more than surprising to see him sport the No. 23 jersey.

Bronny was wearing No.0 in AAU, and this time he went for No. 23. His dad was surprised to see him rocking that jersey.

As if that was not enough LeBron’s other son, Bryce Maximus, sports No. 6. This is the number King James wore in Miami.

“LeBron the sports dad, on watching his son’s first game with Crossroads last night and what it was like to see him wearing No. 23. He said his younger son decided to wear 6, too, which is fun for him,” Tania Ganguli reported on LeBron’s comments.

“I don’t know how long it’s gonna last. But it definitely made me feel proud. My kid has his own personality, his own DNA; we share the same name, but he has his own path. It was cool when he came downstairs the other day and he was wearing No. 23, and then my youngest son was wearing 6. So, it’s a really good feeling,” LeBron said.

Bronny had a completely different opinion few years ago. he did not want to wear his father’s number because he did not want others to find out that he is the son of LeBron James. He is mature now, and these problems does not even matter now. Bronny sees things in a completely different way. He is proud of his dad!

LeBron knows that his son will face problems throughout his basketball career. At some point in the past, LeBron regrettet giving his name to Bronny mostly because he was well aware of the consequences. But, Bronny’s talent has nothing to do with LeBron’s basketball career. It’s just genes and pure talent.

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