Listen: Tom Brady Calling Audible To James White Mid-Play Is Incredible

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is brilliant in every aspect of the world, and fans are oftentimes amazed by the little things he does on the field. This time everyone is focused on the third-quarter play in the Patriots’ win over the Minnesota Vikings. During a play-action pass, the quarterback faked the hand-off to running back James White while telling him, “Checkdown.”

Brady called an audible to the running back mid-play, and managed to execute the audible to perfection, hitting James White on the checkdown pass for an 8-yard gain.

One of the most amazing things about this is the fact that Brady was all calm as he delivered his message to White. NFL games are pretty much the same as high-speed car crashes, and the quarterback is able to see things in slow motion.

White did a good job, too. He was perfect in executing Brady’s last-second play change. This was one of the shifty receptions White has on nine targets for 92 yards.

The Patriots are now heading to Miami, and facing the Dolphins is one of the greatest challenge they have. But, Brady is here, and they have greater chance of winning that contest.

“For me, I just go out there and put my best foot forward each time I step out on the field. It doesn’t matter if I have 61 receptions or 10 receptions, I just want to go out there and play hard, help my team get wins. It’s not really about the stats for me. I’m just trying to help my team,” White said in one occasion.

“It was just a great play call at the perfect time. Tom threw it to Julian, Julian threw it to me, it’s just a perfect play. The offensive line did a great job of selling it and getting down the field and blocking. I’ve just got to try and score next time,” he said of Julian Edelman’s pass.

The Patriots play really well when White is on the field, and he better get ready for Sunday.

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