Josh Gordon Releases Admiring Statement About Tom Brady… ‘I can relate to with my family’

Josh Gordon is one of the greatest fans of Tom Brady, and that’s more than great for the game.

Gordon arrived in New England through a trade deal earlier in the season. When reporters asked him what he has learned from the quarterback, Gordon had the perfect response.

“You know, I came in with the idea that (Brady) is a hard-working guy, and he’s done nothing but shown that continuously and consistently. He’s a family man. Love his family. He FaceTimes with the kids — something I can relate to with my family, my kids. He enjoys the game. He just enjoys, I think, everything that comes with it, and it’s good to be able to be in such close proximity to learn from it. I look up to the guy. He’s doing everything right. I just enjoy the time around him,” he said.

Gordon may not have found the perfect match with Brady, but he is definitely a strong weapon for New England. He was able to catch 34 passes on 54 targets for 605 yards and three touchdowns in his nine games with the team.
His playing minutes and totals dropped in the past weeks, but he is more efficient than ever. Gordon caught eight of his eight targets in the Patriots’ last two games.

In the game against the Minnesota Vikings, Gordon was not targeted until the third quarter. However he did haul in two 24-yard receptions.

“I think (I’m) just remaining focused and locked in on what I want to get done and how I can contribute in my opportunities to do so. Really just making sure I capitalize when those targets present themselves, and fortunately, I’ve been able to catch the targets that have been given to me,” Gordon said.

Let’s see how will numbers turn out for Gordon in the next few weeks.

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