Watch: LeBron Reveals He Almost Joined Another Team

The game between LeBron James and Dwyane Wade is still making headlines mostly because this was the last time these two share the same basketball court. But, NBA experts noticed a tiny detail, and it has something to do with LeBron’s decision on free agency. Did he really consider joining another team?

Wade and LeBron finished the final game with an embrace, and shared a few comments on each other. That’s when someone overheard LeBron mentioning something that made people think of his decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers or another team.

LeBron said that the final match was going to be either “here or at the Garden,” referring to the Madison Square Garden. Some said he was talking about his initial plan to join the New York Knicks. Well, King James has been linked to New York since the very first moment he joined the league, and things got really heated up in 2010.

Kristaps Porzingis was there, same as a bunch of young talents and a coach he played for in David Fidzale. So, it was more than possible that LeBron considered joining the Knicks.

However, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said that LeBron did not consider signing with New York in the offseason. “He was probably always going to go to LA. But after the way Phil treated Melo, it was sealed,” he explained.

Phil Jackson left by the time LeBron hit free agency in 2018. He also made a few awkward moves for the team is still paying today. Take the Joakim Noah contract for example.

One of his other terrible moves was the idea of angering Carmelo Anthony to force him to accept a trade. What was he thinking? This was probably the main decision that pushed LeBron away from the Knicks. LeBron and Carmelo are friends, and they always talk about playing on the same team.

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