Chef Gronkowski Decorates Adorable Cakes With Dana-Farber Patients

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski may not play his best football, but he sure knows how to make people happy. The tight end struggled with a few problems throughout the regular season, but that does not stop him from striving to become better. This time the tight end went in a completely different direction, and became a chef.

Three patients from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute had a lot of fun in the afternoon of Oct. 9.They had some fun at the Foxborough Stop and Shop, learning some new tricks from the head pastry chef. The patients had the opportunity to learn how to decorate cakes, and they did not even think that the Patriots tight end would jump in to help them. Yes, the squad used sprinkles and frosting and every thing to make things right.

Gronkowski surprised the patients, and even sported an apron. He did a really good job with the frosting piping back and went to work with his friends, turning himself into a pastry chef.

The team practiced on cupcakes and small goodies before joining a greater good – the cake that will be presented at the Patriots game.

The Gronk team decorated the field-shaped cake with uprights and a football. The tight end was impressed by his skills, and gave himself an “A+.”

“I even got frosting, flour, all over me. That’s when you know it’s a good day,” the tight end said.

Once the masterpiece was done, Gronk had a huge surprise for the cute kids and their families. They all received tickets for the game against the Chiefs.

The children were all smiles as they learned the ropes. There was frosting everywhere, on their faces and clothes and hands. Their families loved the moment, and were more than happy to see their kids smiling and being happy.

Michael Adams, his daughter Carly and his family had a nice time with Gronk.

“It’s just a great memory and something we can look back on in the tough times. It’s stuff we can talk about, laugh about and reflect upon. It’s something very special,” he said.

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