Trevor Ariza Makes Big Trade Admission Amid Lakers Rumors

Trevor Ariza has just fueled the fire regarding his trade to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Ariza made a shocking admission, saying that he would enjoy going back to where he played once: Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been part of so many trade rumors, including the one related to Ariza. There is a huge possibility that the Lakers ink a deal with him this weekend.

The forward was part of the franchise for two years,and played with the Lakers when they won their last NBA title in 2009. And now we can really hope that he links up with LeBron James and rock the Western Conference.

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns were in the talks of a potential trade deal, and recent reports suggested that head coach Luke Walton and director of basketball operations Magic Johnson are not ready to say ‘goodbye’ to the young talents.

From December 15, NBA teams can engage in trading players who inked their contract this summer. Ariza signed a one-year contract with the Suns this summer. However, the Los Angeles Times reported that he is ready to come back to town again.

“The Lakers very much would like to acquire Ariza. And people close to Ariza, who signed a one-year deal with the suns for $15 million, said he would like to return home to Los Angeles and play for the Lakers,” Boderick Turner, NBA writer, reported about the potential deal between Ariza and the Lakers.

The team is not ready to part ways with the young players, but Kentavious Caldwell-Pope may go now,and his representatives are eyeing several destinations at the moment. A third team can get involved in the deals in order to ease things for the Suns. What will happen in the next few weeks? Let’s wait and find out.

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