Bill Belichick Reacts To New England Patriots Loss In Pittsburgh

The New England Patriots are playing terrible this season, and they are losing games they used to dominate in the past years. The team is in the middle of the first two-game losing streak since 2002. They are now at 9-5 on the year as the Steelers defeated them 17-10 at Heinz Field. What does head coach Bill Belichick say about it?

“Alright first of all, give the Steelers credit. They played well, did a good job. It’s a good football team. I was proud of our guys, how we battled all the way from the first play to the last. In the end, we just came up a little short. They made a few more plays than we did. You know, they say penalties in the red area are pretty much the difference in a game, so we need to do a better job there.It’s one of those typical tough football games against the Steelers, and like I said, they did a little more than we did tonight. That’s pretty much the story the way I saw it,” Belichick said at the postgame press.

“I thought our DBs really battled them. We were in a lot of man coverage and they really battled us. Those are some great receivers. They got some, we covered them I’d say competitively. They made a couple of great catches. They have really good tight ends – really good receivers and tight ends and obviously a great quarterback. It’s a good group and an obviously great quarterback who made some tremendous throws. Even some ones they make when you’re all over them. They made great catches.”

The head coach was amazed by Jonathan Jones and Rex Burkhead. “Great play by both guys. I got caught at the other side of the field. We played with great effort tonight. We made some plays. They made a few more than we did,” Belichick said.

“We are going to get back to work and get ready for both of them.That’s exactly what we are going to do,” he said of the two final defeats.

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