Tom Brady Releases Bold Statement About Referees After Game Vs. Steelers

The New England Patriots could not defeat the Steelers, and fell 9-5 on the season. Penalties destroyed the team. it was the referees, of course.

Referees penalized New England 14 times for 106 yards. They had five false starts, three offensive holding penalties, two defensive holding penalties, one offside, a delay of game, a defensive pass interference, an ineligible man downfield on a punt and an illegal formation, as reported by sources.

“I don’t know. I didn’t see them. He said they’re trying to call those tighter. I don’t have the replay of them, so I don’t know how tight they are. Obviously, there is holding on every player in the NFL. That’s what we do.We hold. It’s just whether you get called or not. If they are calling it, then you just have to do a little bit less of it. That’s how you block. You hold.They’re holding, we’re holding,” Brady said.

Sometimes they call them, sometimes they don’t. If they are calling them tight, then they’re calling them tight. I haven’t seen them. What do you guys think? Hard to say? That’s how I felt.”

The Patriots relied on the offensive line early in this season, but they was blamed for six of the total of 14 penalties. Right tackle Marcus Cannon had a holding penalty and false start, left tackle Trent Brown had a holding penalty and false start. Shaq Mason was flagged for holding, and Joe Thuney had a false start, too.

“I don’t know what’s always to blame. I can only speak for myself, and the ones that I got, I have to have better technique and be more mentally tough,” Cannon said.

“Just got to focus more. Just gotta be more detailed and lock in,” Thuney said.

“Just not executing. No one wants penalties. It goes on not executing our job,” Mason added.

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