LeBron James Makes Huge Revelation About The Nighttime Routine That Helps Him Perform ‘At The Highest Level’

LeBron James is a brilliant athlete, and has three NBA championship rings and four MVP awards in his resume. What makes him such a great athlete? If you ask the king of basketball, he will reveal his nighttime routine.

In one of the recent episodes of podcast “The Tim Ferris Show,” LeBron talked about the nighttime routine that keeps him this successful. Sleeping at least eight hours every night.

“That’s the best way for your body to physically and emotionally be able to recover and get back to 100 percent as possible. Now, will you wake up and feel 100 percent? There are some days you don’t. So some days you feel better than others. But the more, and more, and more time that you get those eight – if you can get nine, that’s amazing.”

LeBron said he sometimes sleeps for 10 hours at night. Sleeping is important for him. If LeBron does not get his sleep, he naps throughout the day.

The king’s trainer, Mike Mancias, agrees with LeBron on that one.

“Without giving everybody all of our secrets, No. 1 is be very, very comfortable in that room. Create an environment. For LeBron, it’s always in his hotel room, making sure the temperature’s set at a particular – probably 68 to 70 degrees is probably optimal,” he said.

“Just turn everything off probably a half hour to 45 minutes before you actually want to go to sleep, and just really committing yourself to that,” Mancias added.

LeBron likes to sleep in a dark room and a comfortable temperature. He also used the Calm sleep app.

“I’m the guy who picks ‘rain on leaves.’ That’s what goes on on my phone throughout the night,” LeBron said.

Many players stick to the same routine, including Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. He likes to sleep at least seven hours of sleep every night.

“You’ve gotta have a routine to get your mind and body set so that it’s always ready to go when you need it to go. I usually like to get to bed around a decent time between 11 and 12 at night. And I get about seven to nine hours of sleep every night and I wake up and start my day from there. I get going by staying active throughout the whole day and getting a workout in.”

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