Tom Brady’s Friday Presser Calls Back To Infamous 2001 Quote

While there are still people who would engage in a debate, Tom Brady’s considered the greatest quarterback of all time. The Patriots signal caller has risen above the competition simply due to his desire to win games. And, boy, he has no intention of stopping. 

Most Super Bowl wins? Brady’s got ’em. Most playoff wins? Got those too. Most total wins? Take a wild guess… – Brady. 

Really it’s not that surprising. Winning is literally all Tom Brady’s been focused on since he became part of New England’s team. When asked if there was any stat in-particular when it comes to evaluating a quarterback, Brady said that he’s “not really a big stat guy.”

“I’m into wins,” he continued. “Wins is the one and that’s what we’re here for. There’s a lot of ways you can evaluate stats and so forth. Winning the game is what’s most important.”

The 41-year old has been steadfast on this particular area ever since he’s been in the league. 

“As long as you win the game I think that’s the mark of any great QB,” Brady said just prior to his first NFL start on Sept. 26 2001.


Nice knowing that Tom Brady has no doubts regarding his main goal along with his fire to win. 

Brady and company need one more win to secure themselves at the very least the No. 2 seed in the AFC, a first round bye and the opportunity to host their AFC Divisional Round contest. If things go well outside of Foxboro, they could also move all the way up to the No. 1 seed. While there’s certainly a lot at stake on Sunday when they host the Jets in the regular season finale, Brady won’t let himself be bothered with scenarios. 

He simply focusing on, you guessed it, winning. 

“I think playing well this week’s been the focus, and anything beyond that, we haven’t even talked about for good reason,” Brady said. “I would say it’s tough to win a game and this is a tough one and we’ve got to focus on this one hundred percent, which we have, and just be prepared to go out and play our best. I think a good 60-minute game is still out there for us and that’s what we’re working to do and this would be a good time to do it.”

Keep those thoughts, TB12 and never lose your focus.

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