Watch: Julian Edelman Has Epic Reaction To Earning First-Round Bye

The New England Patriots played the New York Jets, and they played them really good. It was a match worth watching, and the Jets had no chances against New England. Everyone on the team played really well, and quarterback Tom Brady was more than excellent today. Receiver Julian Edelman talked after the big win, and you could see he was thrilled and happy.

I think we were balanced, we had good practice, and everyone made plays so when you get that combination good things happen. We started with a couple of penalties, we still got to work on things. We still got a long way to go because now, if you do those types of things you go home and you watch games,” Edelman said.

The reporter then said this was going to be a playoff type game, and asked him, “Why was it so important that you have this type of performance at this moment in the final week of the season?”

“You want to start playing your best football, go into a sudden death, and we definitely had a better game today. We played a team that has a really good defense, they fly around the ball, and hopefully we can keep that going and start preparing and get ready for our next opposite team.”

“You got to take everything you did well and run with it and keep it well, and you got to learn from the things you did not do too well. Execute them in practice and work on them and that’s what we gotta do,” Edelman said when asked about the things he learned today.

So, the Patriots can take a deep breath now as they are getting ready for the greater challenge. They did a really good job today, they were excellent, and they better keep doing that.

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