Date And Time For Patriots AFC Divisional Round Game Set

The New England Patriots found strength and played better than ever against the New York Jets. They are now glued at the No. 2 seed in the AFC, and will hit the first-round bye before heading for the playoffs. The AFC Divisional Round game is now set, and the NFL made the official announcement on Sunday night.

New England is hosting the AFC Divisional Round game on Sunday, January 13 at 1:05 p.m. ET. CBS will broadcast the game. We will know more about the Patriots opponents on Wildcard Weekend. Tom Brady and his teammates will play the Texans, Ravens or the Chargers in the Divisional Round.

The Kansas City Chiefs are stuck at the top seed int he conference, and will enjoy the benefit of playing the lowest remaining seed out of Wildcard Weekend. If the Texans win the game, they are heading to Foxboro, and the winner of the Chargers-Ravens contest are going to Arrowhead. If the Colts confront Houston, they are going to Kansas City and the Patriots are left with either the Ravens or Chargers.

The Houston Texans are hosting the winner of the Colts-Titans Week 17 game during Wildcard Weekend next Saturday. The Chargers are hosting the Ravens next Sunday.

New England won the last seven AFC Divisional Round games and are working on their undefeated season in Foxboro.

“It’s nice, you get a little time to heal up. You get some time to self scout, to really look at the regular season things you did well, things you didn’t do too well, and try to really improve those types of things. You get a little time away from it to get ready for a battle,” Julian Edelman said after the win.

“The bye is huge. It’s huge. That was basically a playoff win right there. To get that win today, now we don’t have to play next week. It basically won us a game for next week. So we got a bye, rest up, get the mental part and physical part. Clean up the bumps and bruises, because every game you’ve got those. So it’s always good to have that and you just have to treat it the right way and take advantage of it so we’re ready to go when it comes to playoffs,” Gronk added.

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