Amazing Los Angeles Lakers Mural Pops Up With Tribute to LeBron & Magic Johnson

LeBron James arrived in Los Angeles with a purpose, and he is trying to make the Los Angeles Lakers contenders. However, not everyone was happy to see him in town. Several artists paid tribute to the king, and created gorgeous murals in his honor. Unfortunately, each and every mural was destroyed. Most of them were targeted by Kobe Bryant’s supporters.

Bryant’s fans could not get over the fact that LeBron is the new star on the team. But, the Lakers were going down, and LeBron was the only player to save them. This time we spotted another mural celebrating the Lakers and LeBron James.

It was one of the greatest things we saw in Los Angeles these days. This is more like a refreshment after all the murals were defaced.

The mural is a dope artwork located on Hollywood Blvd outside shoe store Shiekh. It was completed in the course of several weeks.

The mural includes LeBron James and Magic Johnson with his awesome NBA championship rings and Kobe Bryant.

The tribute was created by a group of local street artists. We do hope that the mural will not have the same destiny as all the LeBron murals that were defaced this year.

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss did not approve the vandalizing of LeBron’s murals. According to her, those who destroy the murals cannot consider themselves Lakers. “If you’re doing that, than you’re not a Laker fan. I didn’t realize how many people from Boston are living in LA!” Buss said as reported by mark Willard of Fox Sports.

“And today the mural’s artist, Gustavo Zermeno, fixed it with some help from Lakers fans. Gus’ original hope with the message of the mural was that it ‘overpowers people’s hate for LeBron.’ Today some fans helped restore the art. Gus said, “Laker fans got my back!’”

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