Anthony Davis Trade To Connect With LeBron James ‘Depends’ On Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angeles Lakers are ready to trade Anthony Davis, but the success of this deal depends on Kawhi Leonard. That’s what NBA pundit Chris Broussard says. He believes that there is still no guarantee that the Pelicans star will join the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James will sure need another star with him in the team as they are getting ready to challenge the Golden State Warriors. Anthony Davis was long linked with this team.

“If Kawhi Leonard stays in Toronto that’s going to embolden teams to think ‘you know what even though he’s saying he won’t stay maybe he will. Paul George stayed in Oklahoma, Kawhi stayed in Toronto, we can get Anthony Davis to say here.’ Boston have got a shot, New York will have a shot.”

Broussard makes the Los Angeles Lakers favorites to seal the trade for Davis ahead of the Boston Celtics though. “I would favor the Lakers,” he said.

Davis fueled the trade rumors right after the defeat to the Heat.

“It’s been an issue. Not every game, but I think we come out too lackadaisical at times. It’s normally against a team that’s under .500 or stuff like that. we’ve got to come out and play these games the same way.”

“In the last game we played a different way because we lost to Washington, so we came out with a little more urgency because we lost to them before. We’ve just got to come out and play the same way we’re supposed to at all times. It’s tough playing down every game, playing from, 30 tonight, and then use all the energy we’ve got to catch back up.”

So, let’s see how will things turn out for Davis and his trade. Kawhi Leonard has a huge part in this one, so let’s see how will everything develop for them.

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