Magic Johnson Exposes The Lakers’ Plan Without LeBron James

LeBron James got us worried after he suffered a groin injury in the game against the Golden State Warriors. However, Lakers director of basketball operations is not too worried about the star player.

The team announced that King James will miss a few games due to his strain. This got reporters all over Magic Johnson. And yes, he is not worried about the fact that the king will be out of the court for some time.

The Los Angeles Lakers won the game against the Golden State Warriors 127-101. They had a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter against the Sacramento Kings, and lost the battle.

Brian Windhorst and Adrian Wojnarowski has all the details regarding LeBron’s injury.

“The Lakers are calling James’ absence ‘day-to-day,’ but sources told ESPN there is a healing process that needs to occur before James can return to the lineup.”

“A timeline for James’ return is further complicated by the fact that he has never had to navigate this severe of a groin injury and still needs to gain an understanding of how his body will respond to treatment. James has displayed a tremendous capacity throughout his career to avoid extended absences with injury, but sources expected the Lakers and James will be careful not to risk further aggravation of the groin by returning too quickly.”

The Los Angeles Lakers should not really worry about LeBron’s injury at all. It may take a week before the king comes back to the starting lineup. This is actually a nice opportunity for the young Lakers players to learn how to win games without LeBron’s power. The team needs him for the playoffs, so he better get some rest and heal that injury.

The Lakers are playing the Los Angeles Clippers, and then host the Kings and the Oklahoma City Thunder in the next few days.

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