Major Update Comes In On The Brady-Belichick Relationship

The New England Patriots recover from their terrible loss to the Miami Dolphins, but fans noticed that the whole thing was actually great in one aspect. The Brady-Belichick relationship.

The head coach and his favorite quarterback were making headlines after several sources said there is a tension growing on the field. However, the Brady-Belichick relationship is stronger than ever.

Darlngton noticed that the duo vibes much more than last year.

“I have had a number of conversations with people closely involved with the relationship between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and then I come out here to the field in Miami about 90 minutes ago and we see Belichick and Brady on the field right behind me having this exchange that puts it all into perfect words. Basically what is happening here, a year ago there was strain on this relationship, there were issues between Belichick and Brady, they were on-going. But now, suddenly, something has changed. Based on the conversations that I have had, there has been no watershed moment, but suddenly these two guys are communicating better and getting along this year,” Darlington said on ESPN’s NFL Countdown.

“As one person put it, ‘they are vibing much more.’ It got to a point where it wouldn’t have lasted this year if it went like it did last year. Better communication. He’s treating Tom more like a 41-year-old man.”

This comes after MMQB’s Albert Breer told Colin Cowherd that the Patriots coach will probably coach for “another four or five years easy.”

“The relationship with Brady isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than it was last year. And there are people I talk to there that think he could go another four or five years easy based on how energized he’s been this year, based on how passionate he is about his job,” Breer said.

“And here’s the other thing, he’s a little like (Nick) Saban in this way too: When you have things set up the way Bill Belichick has them set up in Foxboro, you really don’t have to work as hard because part of the operation becomes turnkey. That doesn’t mean he’s working less diligently or he’s less prepared than he’s been in the past, but naturally when you’ve been in a place for as long as he’s been and you’ve got things set up the way you want them, it becomes a little easier to run things and that would enable you to coach at an older age. So I don’t get the sense that Belichick is walking out of there tomorrow at all.”

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