New Revelation To Put End To Brady-Rodgers Debate

The Brady-Rodgers debate is still on. However, for many fans it was brought to an end long ago.

The entire 2018 season was focused on the GOAT. The Brady-Rodgers debate was the center of all shows. Now Colin Cowherd went on The Ringer’s Dual Threat with Ryen Russilo.

“I have been on this for six years. Everybody now is like, ‘Rodgers is difficult.’ I had a coach tell me inside the Packers five years ago, ‘he’s Jay Cutler except he can play.’ It’s like he’s difficult. When your brother calls you out, when your dad calls you out — if your brother and dad were calling you out, I’d be like, ‘Bill is difficult.’ Drip, drip at some point the dam breaks. We got like nine guys now who have said — Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley, his brother, his dad — after a while we got a theme here. He’s really difficult.”

Then he went on talking with Brady.

“By the way, when I worked with Randy Moss I asked him off the air, I’m like, ‘tell me about Brady?’ He’s like, ‘best teammate ever.’ And that’s when they froze him out in that last game at Miami. He’s like, ‘best teammate I ever had.’ Randy struggled, you know, Randy can be difficult. Nobody badmouths Brady. You can’t find a coach. They are all like, ‘he’s the best guy ever.’ At some point, if seven people say the same thing then I believe that’s a thing,”

Tom Brady may be an excellent teammate, but Cowherd uses a different sort of evidence. Let’s see if other experts will agree with this. One thing stands for sure, the Patriots love playing with Brady and learning from his success. He has had great numbers throughout his professional career and brilliant awards. So, who is the GOAT now?

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