Skip Bayless Shocks The World By Defending LeBron James on Twitter

Here comes a big one. Skip Bayless probably hit himself in the head, because he would never stand by LeBron James in every other case.

Skip Bayless is known as the most notorious Bron hater, and this time he really shocked the world and pretty much everyone who follows him or the king. Guess what Skip did after the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

In his postgame interview, King James complained about the game, and the fouls on him that never gave him a call. The Lakes fanbase got really angry at the referees. So, instead of burying LeBron alive, Skip decided to agree with him, and even cited a DeMar DeRozan foul. Yes, things like this do happen.

“Just watched LeBron’s postgame interview. He’s right, he doesn’t get a lot of calls he deserves. No blood, no foul. DeRozan elbowed him in the face on the 4th-q shot in the lane. No whistle,” Bayless wrote on Twitter.

King James almost had a triple-double (35 points, 11 assists and eight rebounds), and many thought that Bayless would have used this chance to undercut his success. However, Bayless was super realistic this time.

His Twitter followers went crazy. Many wondered if the real Skip wrote the tweet, while others asked if he is okay.

Yes, Bayless was feeling okay at the time he wrote the tweet, and he had every right to make such comment. LeBron got no calls at times when he really needed a few.

Bayless did not turn over a new leaf, but still has a soft spot for the king of basketball. He is one of the very few people to support LeBron at times where many people hate him or are just being jealous at him. Great job, Bayless, maybe refs will think twice before “ignoring” the king next time.

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