Tedy Bruschi Offers Surprising Way For Patriots To Keep Tom Brady Healthy

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may be playing on one leg, but the New England Patriots are still winning games. But, the team will have to keep the TB12 healthy to keep gaining success. The quarterback said he will play in 2019 and beyond, and former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi said head coach Bill Belichick will have to limit the load on Brady.

Tedy Bruschi went on ESPN’s “First Take,” and said that Belichick and the Pats will have to work on a plan and help Brady give his best.

“I just look at other teams and how they’ve dealt with, you know, aging quarterbacks and how they’ve tried to make them last all 16 games. And I look at the New Orleans Saints because I see Drew Brees also getting there close to his 40s and what has Sean Payton done to take care of Drew Brees, if you will, take reps off Drew Brees’ body, if you will? I see a player like Taysom Hill. I see Taysom Hill come in and get a handful of reps where Drew Brees is just lined up there at wide receiver and he’s doing nothing, and it gives you that extra dimension of an offense and also an athlete at quarterback that gives defenses has to worry about different things and you’re taking reps off your quarterback,” the former Patriots linebacker said.

“I haven’t checked this out, but how many reps has Taysom Hill taken off of Drew Brees, and does that help Drew Brees stay healthy for all 16 into the playoffs? I’ve watched this throughout the year, and I think it’s a unique situation to where also Drew Brees, who’s my MVP this year, doesn’t have the ball in his hands at times, isn’t the one throwing the football. Possibly, does Bill Belichick look to see what Sean Payton has been doing in New Orleans and implement that next year by using a type of athlete playing quarterback?”

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