Tom Brady Blames One Major Thing That Lead Patriots Loss To Steelers

Patriots quarterback knows that his team did a bad job last night.

“Yeah, that’s exactly, right. I just didn’t get the job done so I have to figure out a way to do better, and two important ones coming out, and they won’t be easy,” Brady said.

“Well, we just obviously aren’t playing well enough to win and can’t come in a lot different ways,turnovers and just missed opportunities. I think that’s what it comes down to, too. Many plays where we’ve got opportunities to do stuff with it and we don’t so it’s football. We’re different obviously. Just have to get back to work. Just trying to throw it away.”

“It’s a good question, i have to look at it but you know I thought they play good. They made some plays and we certainly had some opportunity out there and I give them credit. They made some important plays when they needed to. Our defense played great, you know, special teams played great we just gotta do better all, you know, offensively, and they had a few different things. Every team this year has a few different things and I think we just have to come to expect it and still go out there and do our jobs and execute and make plays.

“I was just tying to flick it out of bounds didn’t want to take a second…|

All of these games are, you know, they are all a little bit different, you’re right, we haven’t obviously played very well on the road. It’s obvious. What we’re doing isn’t good enough. We’re out here as a team trying to compete and you’re on the road you got to play well and you know some things are a little more challenging on the road and gotta embrace those things.”

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