Tom Brady Dealing With Serious Knee Injury… NFL Insider Says

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he feels great, but he may be hiding something regarding the knee injury he was dealing with.

Mike Giardi of the NFL Network went on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich, and discussed the possibility that Brady has a knee injury that is responsible of his bad game.

“Absolutely. No question. His lower half has been off, dating back to Tennessee. I would not be surprised when all is said and done that we hear something about either — I’m guessing it’s an MCL. I’m saying he has a tear or a partial tear of the MCL, and that’s why he’s still playing.Go back to the moment in the Dolphins game that Joe Giza captured or their photographer captured with Channel 4 when he comes off the field after the touchdown to Gronk and all of a sudden he just drops to the ground and he’s clearly in pain. He was adjusting his knee brace, but when you have an MCL issue, a lot of times you have to bend the knee brace on purpose because of where the knee brace rubs up against the knee,” Giardi said.

“I’m just wondering if it all of a sudden found that sore spot where the MCL is, and he had to go down to the turf and try to move it away from it so it wasn’t rubbing up against the area.”

Brady was added to the injury report this season due to his knee issue. However, he was given a clean bill of health.

“Just for me watching. He’s not on the injury report. He declared himself a hundred percent, but to me there is a ponderance of physical evidence that you see on the field that indicates that there’s something more going on.”

“For starters, and we’ve kind of made a big deal out of the last throw (during the Patriots’ loss to the Steelers) and him bailing out. He’s done that now repeatedly over the last month, and that’s not who he is. It’s always to the same side. He’s not fading to the other side.He’s fading to that side.

“He’s basically surrendering his left leg. I think there have been times where he’s almost relying too much on his arm and not his lower half. I’ve seen him make throws where he’snot bringing his lower body into it. He’s not stepping forward into it because I think he doesn’t want to risk the front side of his body taking a hit there. There’s been some points in the Tennessee game being one of them and obviously this past game where protection isn’t great, so I think there’s definitely something going on,” Giardi finished.

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