Tom Brady Gives Heartwarming ‘Silver Lining’ To Fan Who Lost Home In California Wildfire

Christian Holland is making headlines this period, and the world remembers him as the Patriots fan who saved only his Tom Brady jersey as he left his home during the California wildfire. The “Camp Fire” destroyed people’s homes, and most of them were left without a thing. Numerous celebrities jumped into helping these guys.

However, nobody will ever forget the story of Holland. This man remembered to grab his TB12 jersey, and the Patriots quarterback knew how to express his appreciation.Holland lost his home in November, and the quarterback shared a pic of him holding his Patriots jersey. The quarterback even wanted to reach for the fan.

First, Holland posted a pic on his Instagram account, and the Patriots quarterback asked if someone knows Holland’s home address. He wanted to send him a ball to match that jersey. Another Instagram user helped Brady get the address, and eventually reach for Holland.

Holland may have lost his home, but he sure got something precious. He got Brady’s autographed football, and it was the only bright spot in his struggle.

“A little‘Silver Lining’ to the story that is my life. The football Tom Brady sent me! Thank you my friends for all of your support during this very difficult and trying time,” Holland wrote.

“These natural disasters for a lot of these people and dealing with real life, I think it puts a lot of stuff in perspective in your life. We lose a game and you feel like the whole world is caving in. But keeping things in perspective, you realize there’s a lot of people dealing with a lot of things that are very tough. Just to be able to provide support for us, as athletes, is pretty cool and important in what we do,” Brady said of the wildfire.

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