Tom Brady Makes Bold Statement On Stats

Tom Brady is making headlines these days, and it has nothing to do with his performance. People are interested in the quarterback’s future plans and his priorities.

At this point of the regular season, Brady ranks outside top 10 lists in every conventional passing category. He is including 19th in completion percentage, 17th in passer rating, 13th in yards per attempt and tied for 11th in touchdown passes. Brady’s best rank is ninth in passing yards.

The quarterback’s lack of statistical production may cost him money. Brady had the chance to earn $1 million bonuses by ending in the top five in passing yards, yards per attempt, touchdown passes, passer rating or completion percentage. But, the TB12 is not even interested about that.

“I’m not a big stat guy. I’m into wins. Wins is the one — I mean, that’s what we’re here for. There’s a lot of ways you can evaluate stats and so forth, and winning the games is what’s most important,” he said.

When asked on completion percentage, he said, “I think your focus as a quarterback is just making the right play whenever it’s there. You could throw the ball away instead of taking a sack, and it looks like you have a low completion percentage, but you’re making a good play for the team. So I just have to make good plays for the team, and part of it’s just good, solid football and making good decisions, throwing it to guys who are open. Sometimes, ending a drive with a punt is not a bad thing when you consider a lot of other factors. It’s just part of football — making good decisions.”

“The ratio’s not as big a deal to me as the interceptions, because I think the turnovers are what hurt you. If you turn the ball over, you’re not giving yourself an opportunity to score. Whether you throw it in from the 1 or hand it off from the 1, a touchdown is a touchdown. But interceptions are tough to overcome if you’re giving the defense a lot of opportunities to score more points,” Brady said on his touchdown/interception ratio.


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