Watch: Bill Belichick Has Priceless Reaction To Tom Brady Reaching Rushing Milestone

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady finally hit his rushing milestone, and many fans were dying to see him break another record. Well, Brady breaks records every time he hits the field.

Brady was able to finish the quest for the rushing milestone during Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. Well, he is not too excited about his new milestone, and head coach Bill Belichick had a great response to Brady’s record, too.

“Yeah, that’s really important to us. It’s great,” Belichick said. Did you spot the sarcasm in his comments.

Head coach Bill Belichick had a similar reaction when reporters asked him about his heated exchange with Vikings receiver Adam Thielen. “Yeah. obviously I’ve got to keep my cool. Got a lot of respect for him and what he’s done. I can’t lose it like that, but I just thought it was interesting timing for a guy to go down when it was a close play that could have been reviewed. For me, I just lost my emotions,” Thielen said of the altercation.

The New England Patriots are 9-3 in 12 games, and are great for first in the AFC East and second overall in the AFC. They are having a road game next week for a much anticipated game against the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins are 6-6 this season, but Tom Brady always had problems with this team. Playing at their stadium sure gives him a headache every time he goes to Miami.

We really hope that the rushing back will not lose rushing yards next time, because fans cannot really talk about it anymore.

The Patriots are excellent this season, and it is more than certain that Bill Belichick found his winning formula. He had to release and welcome a bunch of players, but everyone is just great now. Good luck, guys!

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