Watch: Dwayne Wade Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant In Last Game Vs. Lakers

Last night’s game was focused on one of the best duos in the NBA history. LeBron James shared the same court with Dwyane Wade for the last time. Wade will soon retire, and this game was more about emotions than winning.

Dwyane Wade never played with the Lakers, but Lakers fans honored him with applause, and the team made a tribute video. Everybody knew that this game was really important for LeBron, and did their best to give him a game to remember.

LeBron and Wade hugged at the end of the game. There was no other way to end such a brilliant contest. The duo even traded jerseys, and Wade signed his for his pal.

I have no doubt this team will be in the Finals at some point. This guy can play for as long as he want and I’ll be here to see it,” Wade said of LeBron, and that sure is a firm statement.

“We gonna miss Flash, man. We gonna miss him in this league. That’s for sure,” LeBron said of his great friend. Their careers developed in a different way, but they respect each other.

But, Wade did not forget about another Lakers legend. He paid special tribute to Kobe Bryant, because he grew up in a league dominated by Kobe Bryant. “It was the end of an era for me, the end of someone to chase … from the 2 guard standpoint. I lost a little piece of me when that happened,” he said. Wade was Bryant’s successor as the league’s best shooting guard, and he made sure the legend was honored in the best way possible.

Wade also praised Lakers head coach Luke Walton. He walked by the head coach’s pregame presser, saying, “Luke Walton made the ’03 Draft what it is!”

LeBron and Wade are the greatest members of the 2003 draft class, and Luke Walton is here, too.

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