Watch: Patriots Pull Of Incredible Play In Punt Coverage

Most players forget about the importance of special teams in a game. However, the New England Patriots do not belong to this group as they always find a way to outperform other players in this facet. In the second quarter of the team’s contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England had the best punt coverage play ever.

Punter Ryan Allen had a great punt from his 35-yard line, and it went past return man Ryan Switzer, took a bounce at the goal line. Jonathan Jones hit it up again,and Rex Burkhead tipped it just enough for Ramon Humber to down it around the one-yard line. The punt coverage was awesome.

Jones hustled really hard, and Burkhead bragged around with his athleticism.

New England players did have a few miscues on defense so far in the game. It is more than brilliant to see the special teams getting all ready to do their part of the job. Plays of this kind can change the course of an entire game, and head coach Bill Belichick is well aware of that. That’s why he got these guys together. His team managed to capitalize by picking off Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger five plays later.

With just 2:45 remaining of the second quarter of the game, Pittsburgh leads New England 14-7. Are the Patriots losing this game, too? I don’t think so. But,they do need to prove everybody wrong, and forget about their loss to the Dolphins. It will be a ghost that will hunt them to the rest of their lives. However,the team is here now, and they need to give their best to win this game.

This is a rather important contest for the top five teams in the AFC run. Who will take the top seed? Let’s wait and find out.

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