Watch: Patriots Share Incredible Hype Video Ahead Of Huge Game Vs. Steelers

We are about to witness the biggest game this season.The New England Patriots are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field on Sunday, and it is the game you do not want to miss. This match will tell us more about the future development of events regarding the AFC playoff seeding.

Prior to the big game against the Steelers, the Patriots released a hype video with a photo of their win over the team last week.

We believe the Patriots will have the power to defeat the Steelers this time. Pittsburgh lost three games, and New England definitely owns the Steelers, thanks to head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

If you ask Bill Belichick, he will say that location matters. “It’s an important part of the team that we’re playing. It’s part of knowing the team,” he said.

The Steelers own the first place in the AFC North despite their three losses.

Belichick is also impressed about the continuity of the Steelers.

“It’s been incredible. Three coaches in 50 years, one ownership but kind of three guys in that spot. They’ve had tremendous continuity — the coordinators, the coaches, the front office. Yeah, really impressive,” the head coach said.

He is 14-11 all-time against Pittsburgh and 11-3 against the franchise with New England.

“There’s certainly a great history and tradition of the Steelers, which I’ve been very familiar with. That was my first playoff game in’75 when I was with the Colts. Then obviously the years in Cleveland, playing them twice a year, and at the Giants we played them in preseason — I won’t say every year — it seemed like it was every year,” Belichick said.

“The Rooneys and the Maras had a strong family relationship so we always played them, so that’s another 10 years of playing them every year. They’re practically in our division now. We’ve played them practically every year at least once, if not twice, it seems like since I’ve been here. I don’t know what it would be like, a year without playing the Steelers. There haven’t been many of them.”

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