Watch: Tedy Bruschi Releases Major Statement About Tom Brady’s Struggles

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady does not really look like his usual self. The quarterback was not playing too bad in the Patriots’ latest games, but he sure made a few mistakes. What does Tedy Bruschi think about this?

The Patriots were leading by six at the end of the first half of the game against the Miami Dolphins. Tom Brady took a sack in the red zone, and the Patriots did not earn the potential points before the break. In the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brady wanted to throw the ball away, but it turned out to be a momentum-shifting interception by Joe Haden. Tedy Bruschi says that these mistakes should not be blown out of proportion.

The quarterback’s critical lapses in judgment makes people talka bout his age. Bruschi has something else to say.

Brady had high expectations for the season, and he has always acted that way. However, things did not go really smooth this year, and Brady was his own critic. We have a few good reasons to believe that Brady will get back on track as the playoffs come closer.

The 2018 season is filled with ups and downs for the GOAT, but his efforts sure made him part of the 2019 Pro Bowl. Age has nothing on Brady and it never had. He is just going through a phase, and it will end. Brady is one of the greatest football players, and fans better remember that. The same applies to his haters.

“I don’t know why. Maybe they’re just tired of seeing greatness for so long because that’s what it is. I personally don’t get tired of it, New Englanders don’t get tired of it. It’s because he’s doing something that you just haven’t seen and you didn’t think it was possibly,” Bruschi said of Brady back in October.

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