Watch: Tom Brady Scrambles, Hits Dorsett For Touchdown

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady proved haters wrong, and he has just passed for a third touchdown. The New England Patriots are playing against the New York Jets, and they are actually doing a really good job. This is just enough for all haters to stop sharing negative stories about the GOAT. Brady paired with Phillip Dorsett and made this brilliant touchdown happen.

New England is having really great time on the field, and the New York Jets are out of luck. After the fumble recovery by Devin McCourty, the Patriots got short field position which resulted in a Dorsett touchdown delivered by the TB12.

The Jets were supposed to hold the Patriots to three points on the offensive series, but Tom Brady and his teammates have enough strength to gain lead with just 10 minutes of the first half.

The quarterback is brilliant this afternoon, and this sure comes like a shock for all the haters who said he lost his grip. Brady may have low numbers this season, but his game is still strong. The quarterback is healthy and strong, and he does not even want to talk about the alleged health problems he had. That’s just a story someone came up with just to bug him.

The Patriots are playing the Jets really well, and they better win this game. That increases their chances of jumping to the No.1  seed of the conference. Of course, the team will need some help from other teams in the league. But, impossible is nothing, and the Patriots can do whatever they want. They always win, and we have a good reason to believe that they will be ultimate winners this season.

This game is different than the one they had against the Buffalo Bills, and they are definitely winning it.

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