Klay Thompson Remembers A Time When He Was ‘Nervous’ Because Of LeBron James

Basketball fans are “dying” to witness the battle between the Golden State Warriors and LeBron James. It is the best you can get in the world of basketball, and honestly, that game gives us chills. In one of the NBA Finals game between the Golden State and the Cleveland Cavaliers, shooting guard Klay Thompson got a bit nervous about the game with LeBron.

Thompson recalled this “feeling” in a recent interview.

“I remember one time in the Finals, I got the ball on the break and Andre was behind me, Iguodala. And LeBron was chasing me and Iguodala said, ‘You better dunk it, you better dunk it.’ So, I went up to flush it and I almost killed myself because I was nervous LeBron was going to come by and just swat that thing out the way. … He was coming full speed, so the landing wasn’t pretty. I wanted to make sure I flushed that thing because I wasn’t trying to see that ball go to half court,” he said.

The Golden State Warriors are 3-1 in their four consecutive NBA Finals appearances against the Cavaliers. But, the Warriors are still afraid of LeBron. That’s how you define the word ‘respect.’ Each of their players knows that LeBron is a big star and knows how to play basketball. That’s why the Los Angeles Lakers did their best to get him on the team.

The Warriors were unable to defeat LeBron and his teammates this season. However, it came with a price, and LeBron suffered a groin strain during that game.

He has an excellent season with the Lakers. It is not his best, but it is definitely great. The Lakers are playing much better than before, and they really needed LeBron on the team. It will take a lot of time before the Warriors get over their ‘fear.’

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