Watch: Tom Brady Lines Up at WR 1-on-1 Against Gronk in Practice

Can you imagine Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at wide receiver? And can you imagine Rob Gronkowski at cornerback? We sure can, and we know that head coach Bill Belichick sure knows what he is doing. The Patriots are getting ready for the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Players had a lot of fun at practice, and we were more than happy to see Brady practice with his favorite tight end.

Tom Brady made an impressive grab in he first attempt against his favorite target. Why did not we see more of this during the Super Bowl in 2018? The quarterback with hands? That’s hilarious! Gronk was great too.

On the second attempt, the players swapped positions and Brady came out on top. Again. The gunslinger threw up his arms and defended the pass to Gronk. TB12 wrapped made a smooth route and finished with a touchdown.

Both Gronk and Brady are beginning to age, and fans have already come up with some serious jokes about the future members of the NFL Hall of Fame. The best part comes when you realize that the tight end was added to the defensive squad to defend Hail Mary plays.

We cannot wait for reporters to ask Gronk a question of this practice. His response will be more than hilarious.

Gronk promised to stay with the team, and he is not going anywhere. He will not accept a trade deal, and he is definitely not retiring. Brady is still playing, and so is Gronk. We will see more of these two, that’s a sure bet.

The Patriots are on their way to another Super Bowl win. Will they succeed in doing that? The team pulled out a nice game in Week 17 against the New York Jets. The Patriots are a Super Bowl team, remember that.

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