Mike Florio Drops Bombshell Statement About Gronk’s Career

Rob Gronkowski had one of the worst seasons so far, and experts believe that he will retire in near future. Pro Football Focus’ Mike Florio went on WEEI’s Mut & Callahan, and talked about Gronk’s career plans.

Mike Florio said that Gronk will soon retire, because he is not in love with the game as he used to be.

“I don’t know what’s up with Gronk. He seems to have really lost his joy for football,” Florio said. “And maybe it is just the accumulation of years of surgeries and injuries. You finally get to a point where you become jaded, you become cynical. You realize it is a business. It is not like college. It is not like high school. I am surprised it took as long as it did for Gronk to get to that point. I was convinced based on things I was hearing in Minnesota last year the week before the Super Bowl that if the Patriots had won that game against the Eagles Gronk would have walked off into the sunset.”

Gronk may walk away and retire

We have read so much about Gronk’s retirement so it makes perfect sense at this moment.

“I think he would walk away and retire,” Florio said. “One of the things last year I was hearing is that there were people in the family that were trying to get him to retire. The concussion issue, he’s had several of them. They are concerned about it. This is a guy who has never spent a dime of his football money. He lives off his marketing dollars and he could make just as much money just being Gronk. He has a good business manager that you can trust and is creative. There are so many avenues for this guy to just kind of show up and be the big, fun loving guy and make a ton of money that way. I think he’s on the brink of doing that.

“I think the body language and everything, the performance this year — when you’re used to being the guy that he was, it has to be so hard to go out on the field and not do things the way you used to. Unless there’s some secret injury we don’t know about, it looks like he’s just got to the point where everything has come together to make him a guy other than who he was and you can only tolerate that for so long before you walk away.”

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